The Sad, Colorful Muses of Natalie Floss

Natalie Foss' illustrations are strange visual concoctions that vacillate between the divine and the banal. Her melancholy muses bathing in bubble gum colors appear like sad saints representing the youth culture, connecting to all of us who revel in the irony of being    


Natalie's characters always look like they’ve been out in the cold. The outlines of their faces are shaded in blue while their cheeks blush like Gustav Klimt’s temptresses. They assume candid, non-seductive poses with eyes that, in spite of their emotional distance, draw you in with mysterious persuasion. 


Meanwhile, their cheerless faces are often counteracted by big bright blocks of unshaded primary colors or wallpaper patterns that dominate the surrounding spaces.


Despite the whimsical elements Natalie incorporates into her work, it remains sentimental and unapologetically human. Go ahead and try it yourself: fix your gaze onto the eyes of a Foss portrait and see just how it transforms you.