Handpainted Photography of Shae Detar


Just when you think the timeless charm of hand-painted photography has become all too familiar and dull, Shae DeTar‘s take on the age-old practice will entrance you with all the trippy splashes of colour and hypnotic rainbow swirls of her prints. At first glance, some of Shae’s photographs look like they were taken with a Kodak Aerochrome, an infrared film reputed for its purplish hues and intense saturation.

However, the colours of Shae’s images are not a result of some complex photochemical process, but of meticulous handiwork that has all the appealing imperfections of brush strokes and ink blots.   

Shae’s photography brings you into a world of euphoric hallucinations where nude figures dance amidst an explosion of colours. Whether it be a portrait riddled with paint drips or a hand-coloured landscape, each of her image is bound to please the senses.