Hello, Valnet!

I am a freelance writer/photographer currently based in Tampa, Florida. My real name is Angelo, but people like to call me Chad. I have about five years worth of experience as a freelance writer and professional photographer, creating engaging content for publications, websites, and creative agencies in the United States and abroad. My short but extensive experience has allowed me to grow as a versatile artist, proficient in a variety of media platforms from traditional publishing to advertising.

Please feel free to browse my portfolio and view my collection of creative work. Thank you!


Telephone Number:​
(U.S.) +18134543589

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Recent Work

Mangrove Monkey

Since June 2017, I've been producing social media content for Mangrove Monkey, a local custom board shorts company based in Naples, Florida. My work involves taking photographs, shooting video, writing copy, and managing the brand 's different social media platforms.


As a junior copywriter and a social media developer at PP+K, I wrote and edited product copy for several clients like Lennar, Big Boy, Tiva, and Visit Tampa Bay. I was also responsible for creating posts for PP+K's social media channels. Below are a few samples of the work I produced for the company. Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images. 


As a junior copywriter, I worked on several accounts including Visit Tampa Bay and Lennar (Tampa). I was responsible for creating and editing the copy for the advertisements below:

Social Media

Because of my photography and blogging experience, I also had the opportunity to produce creative content for PP+K's Social Media department.


In 2012, I went to the Philippines to work as a freelance journalist. I landed projects for several national publications, writing a wide variety of articles pertaining to travel, art, music, movies, business and fashion. Some of my clients included DDG Fashion and Travel Magazine, Clavel Lifestyle Magazine, and Madhouse MNL.

I contributed articles for several websites including the art website Lost at E Minor, English-language Philippine news agency Rappler, and was a staff writer for the now defunct Singapore-based movie review website Moviehunger.com. I also worked as a freelance copywriter for Copypress.com and Contentauthority.com.

Below are some samples of my published and unpublished work. Please click on the buttons or the images to read the full articles.  

Sample Articles



I've always considered blogging as a great platform to share ideas with other people. I've had so many personal blogs through the years, and all of them reflected my need to experiment and explore new ideas. The two blogs that I currently manage are actually a collaboration between me and my wife. Tin Can Beatnik is our online collection of absurd magnetic poetry, and Sunny State of Mind is a one-of-a-kind travel blog that features VR photography. Please click on the buttons to view the blogs.

Tin Can Beatnik is the result of our obsession with magnetic poetry. We found the random "poems" we came up with so funny and entertaining, we decided to photograph our creations and share them on the internet.

In July 2016, we launched Sunny State of Mind, a truly unique Florida travel blog that features descriptive storytelling and immersive 360-degree photography. The use of 360-degree photography is yet to become popular among th blogging community, but we are working really hard to show people its real potentials.

Thank you so much for viewing my portfolio. I hope to hear from you really soon!